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Happy New Year 2013!!  Imagine 2013 already.  We remember the big hype around, history.  We will all make more of our own personal history this New Year, so have an adventure or two, and lots of soaks at the Reef. 

Thank you, customers, our guests, for making 2012 a good year here at the Reef.  And we look forward to another GREAT year as well.

Remember, we are available for private pool parties on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  You can have your own private soak for four hours, just $250.  What a great way to celebrate so many milestones in your friends and families lives.

Now on with the IMPROVEMENTS around the Reef this past Fall and early Winter months.

Did you notice The Lady of the Pool had a face-lift/makeover, and she looks fabulous once again!!

The short road leading up to the office is repaired.  Surely you noticed that!!.  As the repaired road settles a little, we will be doing some more work on it to continue making it smoother.  Please drive safely, and not too fast, as there are young children who live on our County 110 road.  Everyone needs to be extremely careful of our little ones.  Also, there are cows roaming in the area this time of the year and they are very hard to see at night.  So, alert on the roads leading up to the Hot Spring office.

Kathy took down a lot of stuff that was on the walls and replaced it with some artwork from Robert, one of our customers, and one of our other regular patrons.  Hope you like the changes.

A new fabricated heater in the ladies' room should keep the chill off those wet skins these winter days.  Also, an additional  water line was run for the heater and one for the rest of the office.  That improved water prressure a lot.  The water pump at the well head was also replaced and the water pressure improved with that as well.  All good, wouldn't you say?

We had an art show in October, thanks to James and Kathy,  with some of our customers displaying their artwork and showing us their creative side.  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed seeing and learning more about the talent of our customers.  We would like to make this an annual event, so watch for updates.

Look for a "Suggestion Box"  in the Green House.  We would like your input as to the type of events you'd like to see at the Desert Reef throughout the year.  Don't be shy, and anyhow, you can remain annonymous. 

And while you are in the Green House, notice how neat and orderly everything looks thanks to James and Kathy's effort to insure a comfortable and safe environment, as well as a very pleasant experience for you all at our desert retreat.

You all are so great.   Until next time.... our warmest winter wishes for health and prosperity.   LJ & Ro